Sun Angel Tanning Bed 1SUN ANGEL

Treat yourself to a visit in our luxurious Sun Angel. The Sun Angel is one of the first beds designed to give you a fully customized tanning experience. Just use the skin sensor to read your skin type, then let the Sun Angle do the rest. No matter what your skin type is, everyone receives¬† 20 minutes of relaxation and warmth. The “smart” bed knows your skin type and won’t let you burn.


The MATRIX is a high pressure tanning bed (1% UVB) that provides just enough UVB to produce the melanin required to tan, and a lot of UVA to oxidize that melanin and turn it a golden brown. High pressure tanning was developed in Europe 30 years ago for use in phototherapy treatment. High pressure lamps produce UVA and UVB in different ratios than conventional tanning beds. Relax and let the Matrix L33 do the work.

THE FACIAL BED by Ergoline

For a tan that is intensive and at the same time convincingly even from head to foot, this is the bed for you. Enjoy the lounge chair design, as well as, the air conditioning system that adjusts to your comfort levels with the touch of a button. Also enjoy our assortment of music by fast forwarding to music that you enjoy most.


Are you a traditional tanner, or have you reached a tanning plateau? The super cyclone provides a mid-pressure tan in up to 8 minutes. The lamps in the cyclone are 220 Watt Cosmolux VHR Long Lamps that are formulated with the highest levels of UVA (the ray that browns your skin) and very low UVB (the rays that burn your skin).

TAN AMERICA low pressure beds

This mid-pressure (2.5 % UVB) bed was created to give you a good base tan. Bring your own music CD or listen to your favorite radio station.